1. Who are you?
I was born in Split 28 years ago and spent most of my life between Dalmatia, where I graduated  Sociology and French  in University of Zadar, one of the oldest in Europe, and Moscow where I lived for quite some time. Three years ago I got my first job in the Lone hotel. I worked as the Guest Relations officer and then got the amazing opportunity to work in the Groups and Events department.

2. What is your favourite meetings brand?
To be honest, the Lone Hotel is now a real brand in this industry! It is the perfect venue for conferences and congresses, incentives, promotions and other types or receptions and events. Moreover it is a cool and stylish place. It offers a lot of other facilities like a huge SPA  which covers area of 1,700 square meters, great bars and restaurants each one with a concept of its own.

3. What’s the bravest thing you’ ve ever done?
Probably moving from a big city and leaving everything behind to come to Rovinj for love. It was also the most rewarding thing I have ever done since everything turned out great, a part from love I now have a great job. In the end, in order to achieve great things you just have to risk it.

4. What’s your alternative career fantasy?
Considering the degree that I have got one can say my planes were a little different at first. I wanted to work as a professor surrounded by kids and young people. However, I love the industry I am working in, meeting and working with different people from all over the world is great.

5. What are you kind of obsessed with at the moment?
Getting as much business as I can in this hotel. In other words to prolong the high season. Rovinj is still a summer destination and we in Lone want to change peoples’ perspectives.

Gorana Ivanić




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