1.    Who are you?
My name is Katija, and I am 26 years old, born and raised in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I attended Tourism and Catering school after which I graduated on University of Dubrovnik, Department of Economics and Business Economics. After that my father and I started our own conference and convention agency.

 2.    What’s your favorite meetings brand?
One conference I keep in nicest memory ever is EABCT conference, European conference where 800 psychologists met in Dubrovnik to share their experience. Engineers are also very interested to work with since their business is quite popular today also they are quite precise to work with.

3.    What’s your favorite meetings brand?What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

I would like to say there is something braver, but all I can remember is a recent visit of Adrenalin Park where we climbed to a two level high pentagon. It did not seem so hard in the beginning but the height was pretty scary – at least for me.

 4.    Alternative career?
Definitely, babysitting or being a kindergarten teacher because I adore kids, but not in school, only kindergarten. Eventually I would like to be a pilot because I adore flying, airplanes and traveling.

 5.    Obsession?
Forever will be traveling, traveling, traveling… Only music (but the pop one) can compare with traveling and journeys.

Katija Ljubimir

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