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The editorial board of Kongres magazine has throughout the year been collecting data on persons who have marked and had a major impact on the region’s meetings industry. By highlighting examples of good practice and the activities of individuals we wish to contribute to the enhancement of the meetings industry in the region. On the scale individuals are ranked according to their business, financial, management, innovation and other strategic developments that have had a positive impact on the development of a destination or company and also on the broader meetings industry.

Candidates were assessed on the following key criteria:
• Achievement of the best financial and other multiplier effects of the meetings industry in 2013, which significantly deviate from the average;
• Implementation of the most demanding improvements and innovations in their field, which also includes successfully implemented projects that have marked the year 2013;
• Help in enhancing the reputation and visibility of the meetings industry in 2013;
• Innovations that facilitate the work of meetings organisers or have shown the way to the future.

Davor BRUKETA, Bruketa & Žinić
Agency Bruketa & Žinić, which was founded in 1995 by Davor Bruketa and Nikola Žinić, is considered to be the best small marketing agency in the world (AdAge 2013) and the second most effective independent agency in the world (Effie and Cannes 2012). A ranking on the scale was earned by understanding the future of the meetings industry through the integration of creative industries with congress ones, which was beautifully packaged into a complete picture in the Hotel Lone.

Anže ČOKL, Bohinj Park Eko Hotel
He thinks seriously, when he is talking about green meetings. At the same time he is among the youngest in the rankings. He has earned attention through the expense of so-called green eco-friendly measures.

Eco and green are terms that all too often suffer from marketing abuse, behind which there is often no correct content. In the case of the eco Hotel Park, behind the word eco there is not only a well raised green philosophy and technical perfection, but also a young and dedicated team that has internalised a green mindset and follows it at every level of the business.

Milan CULIĆ and dr. Bojan Zečević , EIAT
The sixth Anniversary of the EIAT conference showed how important and pioneering was the work of Milan Culić and Bojan Zečević. In the professional field they managed to establish a platform for knowledge sharing in the region, which today brings together more than 400 participants. Their work is concentrated on the effective and efficient integration between academic knowledge and practice of tourism. Also in this area they successfully navigate between the demands of the global market and the characteristics and specifics of the South-East European market and have made a major contribution to the visibility of the whole region.

Jovan JELOVAC, Belgrade Design Week
A perfectionist, obsessed with the idea of establishing a regional creative hub. Belgrade Design Week is in global terms an event without precedent. His work is characterised by an understanding of the creative industries and their importance to the revitalisation of society. This results in a changed perception of Belgrade, which Jovan has achieved over a number of years. At the same time the annual event is a surprise in terms of innovation in its organisation.

Jerneja KAMNIKAR, Vivo Catering
At the 20th anniversary she earned her ranking through the socially responsible project of co-operation in the placement of the Month of Design in the abandoned factory premises of Mladinska knjiga. The revival of this place has created a completely new event space in Ljubljana with unimagined development potential. Visitors of the event were excited about the look of the premises; this is a completely new dimension of socially responsible conference tourism.

Marko KRIŽNIK, Promo
Tacit innovator in the field of event organisation, which has earned him his place in the ranking with the region’s most ricocheting corporate event. He has turned Elan’s sales conference into a ski slope in the middle of Portorož during one of the hottest days of October. He is characterised by a persistent love of events and is an inexhaustible source of new ideas. As he is being formed through practice, his main asset is his number of references.

Kosta PETROV, PWorld
Entirely new form of organisation of conferences throughout the region. Everything says their business vision, ‘PI events do not produce events, but experiences’. His work is characterised by integrity and innovation through new approaches in communication that break with restrictive traditions. From Skopje he demonstrates that the organisation of events is also successfully operating in difficult economic conditions and in a non-conference tradition. Events Marketing kingdom, HR Experience have become bestsellers and brands that are carried out throughout Eastern Europe.

Tomo RICOV, Pepermint
Weekend Media Festival has completely changed the face of marketing festivals of the region. By the number of participants as well as by the quality of content it became an institution in a very short time. Each year it gathers some 4,000 participants, among which are all the key players in the field of communications industries.

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