Q: What are you most proud of in your business and private lives?
I am proud of the way my career is developing and I am very proud of my family.

Q: Life wisdom/motto?
Our thoughts determine our lives.

Q: Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday?
I have not decided yet.

Q: What was your favourite vacation?
Every minute spent in London.

Q: Where would you go if there were no time and financial constraints?
I cannot choose one destination, I would travel from one country to another.

Q: What is your favourite indoor/outdoor activity?
I have two. The first one is dancing. I spent my childhood attending various dance schools. The second one is photography. I love taking photos of nature and everyday situations.

Q: What is you favourite dish and restaurant (anywhere in the world)?
I love home-prepared dried codfish (that we eat during the St. Nicholas feast day) together with black olives bought at a local market. My favourite restaurant would be one small tavern by the sea, 10 minutes from my house. This is the place where I gather with friends and where I know the staff and almost every guest.

Q: What is your favourite gadget?
I do not have one really. I try not to get too attached to things.

Q: Which song do you most often play on your iPod?
Well, it depends on the mood. Normally I listen to music on the radio in my car, as I spend a lot of my time driving. I have one, two favourite radio stations and I like them to surprise me with selection of songs.

Q: Which part of the day and of the week is your favourite?
That would definitely be Saturday morning (when I do not work on Saturday, that is!). The reason is simple: the working week is over and Monday seems to be so far away. I’m joking, but I liked to think this way while I was in school.

Q: What is your favourite mode of transport?

Q: If you could return to the past or hurry into the future, how old would you like to be?
I am happy where I am now. There is nothing in the past that I would do differently and I wouldn’t like to see my future in advance.

Q: If you could witness any event in history which one would you choose?
I wish I could have been involved in the organisation of the Summer Olympics opening ceremony in China. It was magnificent.

Q: What was the best party you have attended?
My brother’s wedding.

Q: The last film, book, concert?
The last film I saw was the one I have watched several times – The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith (my favorite). Last book – The Gift by Cecelia Ahern. Concert –Vlado Georgiev, which every year is traditionally held on Kanli kula “Bloody tower” in Montenegro, one of the most wonderful summer stages on the Adriatic coast.

Q: What fantasy character would you be?
Jerry Mouse – especially in those rare episodes when he and Tom display concern for each other’s well-being.

Q: What did you learn last week?
That nature will never stop surprising us. I saw a branch of a fig tree naturally growing out of an oak tree.

WHO IS WHO - Leonarda Djinovic
Leonarda Djinović

 Leonarda Djinovic, Short CV 

She started her career in tourism with the age of 14, working during summers in hotels and restaurants along Montenegrin coast, and later as a student, in Germany.

At the last year of her studies she found a summer job in a large hotel property in Montenegro – hotel Mediteran Wellness & Spa Congress center, but this turned out to be not only a summer job. She stayed in the company for 6 years, starting as a secretary, ending up as a Head of MICE Department. Being a very good student gave her an opportunity to win a scholarship for postgraduate studies in London, where she met some very nice people and thanks to them fell in love with MICE tourism.  After years of great experience in the hotel industry, She decided to move to DMC. Today she work as a Project manager in Talas-M DMC in Montenegro, one of the leading DMCs in the country, and she is still very passionate about MICE tourism which she study today as part of her PhD education.

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