Name: Žan Sekirnik
Position: SALES at Grand Hotel Sava****superior Rogaška Slatina

1.       Tell us who you are?
My name is Žan Sekirnik and I come from Slovenia. I am 24 years old and already writing a master’s degree thesis on finance and banking. I have been involved in tourism at the Grand Hotel Sava**** superior in Rogaška Slatina for 4 years now. I started off as a receptionist, and for the last two years I’ve been active in the field of congress and business tourism.

2.       What is your favourite meetings brand?
I’m fairly new to the field of MICE – even though I have organised several high-profile events in tourism, which was of great help for me in learning about the business. I think that SPA-CE, conventions and MICE projects are a great opportunity to build a quality business relationship or make new friends, no matter where, when and why …

3.       What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
For being 24 years old, I think it was brave to start a master’s degree in the field of finance and banking and, in addition, to work for the top quality hotel in Slovenia in the field of congress and business tourism – which I have never done before. So I think it was a brave thing to step into the world of organising seminars, conferences, meetings and doing business in Slovenia, Europe and worldwide.

4.       What’s your alternative career fantasy?
If I ever get tired of working in tourism, business management or the organisation of events and conferences , which I doubt, I would like to work in finance research of the banking sector as the Director General of Finance or in a major bank corporation.

5.       What are you obsessed with at the moment?
First of all I would like to finish my master’s degree as soon as possible to be able to devote myself 100% to congress and business tourism. I am also trying to bring more meetings from Slovenia and Europe to Rogaška Slatina and the goal is to establish a »different – new« MICE destination in Slovenia in order to achieve outstanding results.



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