Chipolo – Bluetooth Item Finder for iPhone and Android

GADGETS - Chipolo 2

Name: Chipolo
Location: Trbovlje, Slovenia
Kickstarter campaign:

Chipolo is a joint project of young developers which was developed as a solution of all-too-common problems involving searching for misplaced keys, wallets and other necessary items. Chipolo uses wireless Bluetooth connection and helps find lost or misplaced items, with the help of a smartphone. You can put it on your key chain, bag, wallet, etc.

Chipolo also serves as a thermometer, as it transmits the temperature of its surroundings. And a thermometer is the one thing we’ve always missed on our phones! Compared to similar Bluetooth wireless products, Chipolo has the farthest reach, which means 200 feet in ideal circumstances. The communication with Chipolo is secure, as it uses a coded connection.

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