DATE:14th October 2013
LOCATION:Marina Bernardin
PARTNERS:Elan d.o.o., Ski association of Slovenia
EXECUTION:Agencija PROMO d.o.o.


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Weather conditions in Portorož on 14 October 2013: it has been snowing heavily; today the snow cover is 40 to 80 cm thick and conditions are perfect for skiing. 

We have used the warm October days to create a vibrant and innovative show Slovenia has never witnessed before. 

This year our client company Elan combined two very important events (International Sales Conference and Elan Innovation Days) into one larger 3-day event ‘Elan Innovation Days 2013’. The reasons for that are several: sharing the effort of presentation preparation and building their business community to a wider audience, presenting the new Ski and Snowboard collection, bigger interest and better impression. The aim of the event, ‘White circus on the sea’, was to inform the public and encourage children to spend more of their free time outdoors and on the snow.

For this purpose we prepared a ski slope on the staircase in Bernardin in Portorož only a few metres from the sea. The slope, measuring 400 square metres, was made out of artificial snow, which had been in the making for five days prior to the event in special freezer rooms. The snow was completely chemical-free, and lasted 24 hours in the open. After the morning sales conference in the hotel Bernardin organisers hosted a round table discussion directly on the slope, titled ‘Bring kids back to the snow’.

After the opening ceremony active competitors and legends of the ski sport arrived at the lagoon on yachts, where they were greeted by the visitors. On the slope and the finish line area spectators were served up a variety of treats and different activities (workshop for children, sailing, Piran sightseeing). In the evening at the VIP party we managed to impress an additional 240 Elan business partners from around the Globe.

Our client company Elan was very pleased with the event, which they used to present their global innovation to the world. The news about the snowfall in Portorož has certainly found its way to the top news stories in October, overshadowing many other events. Similar to any true international sports event, our event was attended by over 40 registered reporters, 30 photographers, 6 broadcasting companies and over 1000 spectators.


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