According to the latest Eurostat data, Europe will pass through the recession and is on the path of slow recovery in 2014. At the beginning of the year we would like to measure the temperature and expectations among the various convention bureaus of the region participating at the trade show Conventa.

Q: What are expectations for 2014 at your convention destination?
2013 was not really a good year for Prague as far as the number of events held in the destination. We can assume that this was the consequence of the world economic crisis which hit the MICE industry with a delay. In 2014, we are expecting a slow recovery and increase in the number of events. Prague is one of the most popular MICE destinations in Europe which has a lot to offer. Moreover, we can see the progress in the support of the industry from the city government in terms of recently established incentive programme, which we are really grateful for as it makes Prague much more attractive for event organizers and help us a lot to promote the city!

Q: What areas and development priorities are you paying the most attention to?
First of all, we are working on further development of the Ambassador Programme. We would like to extend it both to national and corporate level. Secondly, we are focusing on “Smart research” of events, and last but not least, on creation of strong bidding teams with the aim to increase competitiveness and image of Prague abroad by presenting it as a strong and united destination.

Q: Your main competitive advantage? Where are you better than the competition?
Our strength certainly is the “Dream Team” – meaning our team as well as a strong bidding team within the destination! The key is enthusiasm, loyalty and focus on our mission.

Q: How important is the participation at the congress trade show Conventa for your destination?
We strongly support the idea of promoting the region that we are historically and ethnically related with! We believe that there is a high potential in increasing visibility of this region by events like Conventa. 

DAGMAR BROŽOVÁ, Association Meetings Manager, Prague Convention Bureua
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