EVENT:Business meeting and incentive
DATE:May 12 - 15, 2013
LOCATION:Bled, Slovenia
PARTNERS:Sava hoteli Bled


About the event:
This was a business meeting for 25 persons from a UK medical company. Besides the meeting aspect they wanted to experience some outdoor incentives and an off-site gala dinner. Destination Bled was selected by their GM.

What appeared to be a simple event turned out to be quite a challenge. Every planned activity was undoable due to weather. During the days of the event Bled experi- enced a snow blizzard, icy roads and extreme wind. All of the organised activities were cancelled just minutes before they should start.

In a situation like this the client can truly benefit from a good local organiser. Just minutes prior to departure of the group the Ski centre informed us that they would be closing for the day because of the snow blizzard. With quick reaction we managed to organise an indoor bowling incen- tive with a local partner. The gala dinner at the Bled Castle was saved with bulk snow shoes and good coordination with public services to keep the roads cleaned.

After the event:
Despite the challenges the client was satisfied with the turn out of the event. Even more so since we managed to stay on budget.




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