According to the latest Eurostat data, Europe will pass through the recession and is on the path of slow recovery in 2014. At the beginning of the year we would like to measure the temperature and expectations among the various convention bureaus of the region participating at the trade show Conventa.

Q: What are expectations for 2014 at your convention destination?
We expect Zagreb to maintain the positive trend of getting more interests from various markets. We also expect to get more exposure thanks to the fact that Zagreb has recently become the new European Union capital. That should also help to open some doors for the meetings and events that take place within EU.

Q: What areas and development priorities are you paying the most attention to?
The most attention we pay to our clients developing a long lasting and trustful relationship with them. 

Q: Your main competitive advantage? Where are you better than the competition?
Our clients should comment on this. We always try to give our best:-)

Q: How important is the participation at the congress trade show Conventa for your destination?
Conventa is a very good trade show and Conventa 2014 was exceptionally good. It gives us the opportunity to meet new clients interested in the region and Zagreb in particular. I think it offers a very good value for us as the exhibitors.

ZLATAN MUFTIĆ, Director, Zagreb Convention Bureau
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