Q: What is the best part of your job?
We work on something different every day. We solve our clients’ challenges with marketing communications. Those challenges can be very different. It’s up to us to find an efficient solution that can do the job with minimum expenses. Sometimes the good old print ad or a web banner will do it, but much more often it is some unusual forms. Sometimes it’s enough to do a small performance to intrigue the media and the public through social platforms. We did all sorts of projects: from large conferences to books that glow in the dark.

Q: What would make your job easier?
A good question is half the answer. The more our task is clearer and focused, the more efficient is the solution and its results. Many times our challenge is that the advertiser wants to say too much at once, and perception is built step by step.

Q: What was your best idea last year?
Last year we really did various things and it’s difficult to single out one project. This resulted with the American magazine Advertising Age pronouncing us the Best International Small Agency in 2013. We are not part of any global agency networks, we’re independent, so this was a great recognition for us.

Q: The most memorable event for you?
Events don’t need to be expensive and large to be memorable. We received an offer to exhibit our projects in Mestrovic’s Pavilion in Zagreb. Instead of displaying our projects, since they can all be viewed on the agency web page, we decided instead to display the interest that these projects aroused. We exhibited all those people who were intrigued by the agency’s work to date and who came to view the exhibition. The photo of each visitor was displayed on a large circular projection on the walls of the gallery as well as on a special microsite and on huge displays on city squares. All photos were saved on the microsite and could be shared on social networks. Instead of staying in an introverted gallery space, we came out where there’s a lot of people – on the streets and social networks, all with a relatively small budget.

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