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Q: Dubrovnik has the reputation for being meetings flagship of the region. How does your destination maintain competitive edge? 
Dubrovnik is really a panache of the meeting industry in the region.  All the recognitions of Dubrovnik (as a destination in general and in particular for the meeting industry) are a confirmation of the already recognised quality and high standards that Dubrovnik achieved in accordance with the meaning of Dubrovnik in Croatian tourism, but also in the wider region. All the recognitions are a commitment and also encouragement for a further lift of the overall quality of supply. With a perfect blend of cultural and historical heritage, natural beauty, quality tourism and congress infrastructure, Dubrovnik is the most desirable congress destination that justifies its place among the best. The Meeting industry is one of the main factors to extend the season, which is also our strategic goal. The Dubrovnik Convention Bureau within the Dubrovnik Tourist Board systematically works to promote Dubrovnik for meetings industry and to support local and foreign organisers from initial contact to the realisation of events.

Q: How has Dubrovnik developed since our last chat in January 2013?
With constantly improving quality of services, Dubrovnik has significantly improved the transport infrastructure, it reconstructed the main entrance to the city and access to the old town, which managed to organise the arrival of tourist buses and solve the current traffic on the roads. It started with the “City in the park” project and up to now Dubrovnik has arranged the park in Gruž along with the port of Dubrovnik, it has opened walking/cycling trails on the Petka hill and it has organised a public area to further create better conditions for improving the life of tourists and citizens. It additionally created conditions for the construction of the recreational park Golf on Srđ and also prepared the project of the marina in Gruž. Leading hotel companies are working on improving their supply and raising the quality, so for example one of the leading conference hotels – Dubrovnik Palace Hotel – will welcome the new season with a completely rearranged unit. Also, Hotel Dubrovnik President is lifted to be a five-star hotel and Hotel Argosy to four stars.

Q: What tools are available for conference delegates to make the most of their time in Dubrovnik?
Dubrovnik is a complete destination that provides business visitors and conference delegates a quality work environment. The content is then complemented with what Dubrovnik means. Modern technology is available to all business partners (hotels, conference organisers and tourist agents). Various excursion programs are prepared for conference participants with special emphasis on the cultural and historical heritage and rich gastronomic offer of the Dubrovnik Riviera. Literally every Dubrovnik Hotel has a certain congress facility and those of 4 and 5 stars have halls which can accept up to 1,200 delegates with appropriate technology. The added value of Dubrovnik in the organisation of meetings is the frequently used option of special venues in very attractive historical sites of the city, like palaces, castles, fortresses and the city’s main squares.

Q: What is you favourite place in Dubrovnik and why?
If you really want an honest answer, my favourite place, if it can be called that, is Dubrovnik Sea. Even in the photos it is easy to notice how the city and the sea are the ideal combination, along with every detail of the City and in every aspect the sea….fits perfectly to this City.



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