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SORA Catering is an international catering company that provides a number of hospitality products and services. With an office in Zagreb, Croatia and headquarters in Sora, Slovenia more than 1,500 events are organised annually. SORA Catering Zagreb is an international brand of renowned company Catering Klub književnika. Common business performance with Jezeršek Catering from Slovenia prides itself with 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry and holds a leading position in the Slovenian and Croatian markets. The main aim of the cooperation is to join forces to raise the quality and creativity of catering at large national and international events.  

Martin Jezeršek, Managing Director

Q: What were the reasons for expanding the business to the Croatian market?
For several years, the feedback we have got from our customers, especially from foreigners who came to Slovenia and used our catering services, was very good and they claimed that we could easily be placed alongside any other recognised European catering business. It also happens very often that we get individual projects abroad. All this has shown us that we have to make a step forward and start being continuously present abroad, not just at individual events. For quite some time we were searching for the optimal business model for the internationalisation of our company and after thoughtful planning and research we have found it. The Croatian market is a perfect first step. The facts that Zagreb is very close to Ljubljana and that it has one million inhabitants make it highly interesting for our business. According to our knowledge and research, there is still plenty of room for quality catering providers.

Q: What is your assessment of meetings industry business opportunities in Croatia?
It is a well-known fact that the meetings industry activities in Croatia are on the rise, especially in the developed coastal parts, which boast high quality infrastructure designed to congressional activities. In terms of catering, Zagreb is more developed in the field of corporate and diplomatic events. Right now, SORA Catering together with the Croatian partner company is concentrated mainly on the area of Zagreb, but our aim is to expand the activities also to Istria.

Q: What are your plans for the Croatian market for this year and the coming years?
This year’s goal is to become recognisable on the Croatian market and to position ourselves as a reliable, responsive and flexible catering provider. Our services are always tailor-made and adapted to the clients’ wishes and needs. At the same time, our aim is to cater for some of the major events and show that we are able to provide quality regardless of the size of the event. In the coming years, the aim is to become one of the largest providers in the entire Croatia, not only in Zagreb.

Q: What is your recipe for succeeding in the Croatian market?
Our recipe is simple and we believe in its success. The major obstacle of an international company expanding to new markets is their poor knowledge of the market and the situation there. It is therefore crucial to search for a partner who knows the market and has experience in catering. So we have teamed up with Catering Klub književnika, which has been in the market for several years and specialises in catering for smaller events. We, on the other hand, bring the experience of large events, large capacity inventory, references etc. As such, SORA Catering by Catering Klub književnika boasts international experience with large events, experience in the Croatian market, a good business network in Croatia, the Cuvée Restaurant in the center of Zagreb on Tkalčičeva ulica …

Q: How complex is the Croatian business environment for opening a new business?
What is the state support for opening a new business abroad? What more could they do in this area? Our experience with expanding our business to Croatia is positive. Procedures were simple and fairly quick. Also the Slovenian Embassy in Zagreb has done a great job in assisting us and providing an insight into the Croatian market. We did not search for any other kind of help.


Martin JEZERŠEK, Jezeršek Catering
Martin JEZERŠEK, Jezeršek Catering

Zagreb office – short presentation

Hrvoje Perić is head of SORA Catering Zagreb. He has been successfully running a small catering company in Zagreb since 2007. Catering Klub Književnika is known for its friendly staff and high quality food. The company also celebrates one year since the opening of the new, stylish restaurant Cuvée at Tkalčićeva Street in the centre of Zagreb. 

Catering and restaurant kitchens are in hands of young chefs with trendy minds and experienced waiting staff. By entering SORA Catering family they got excited to welcome larger national and international events.


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