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Promotion of one of the most popular and biggest hostel in Zagreb, Chillout Hostel Zagreb started very fiercely. Instead of traditional media channels in this campaign have decided to turn to a desire target group at a specific time and place when hostel is the most needed – when you lower the seats in the car.   

“This classic “prank” very directly and clearly communicates great price of room per hour which is more cost effective than when the car is running. This is not the classic online campaign but certainly uses the power of internet. Where we set up the projection was maybe 20 cars but the message will be sent over the internet to hundreds and hundreds of people whom it is intended. This is a proof what you can do with an interesting idea and small budget. We can do wonders” – says Igor Mladinović, chief creative director at Imago. 

Reaching the new generation of the 21st century is not easy. For them, the classic advertising does not work. Because the budget for this project was very small, we knew that we need something that will not look like a classic advertising. To communicate a hostel that has empty rooms and can be rented easily and cheaply sound like something you actually do not need. But if you can communicate it in an interesting and humorous way you can show them it could be very useful and then you can get their attention. At Imago we always try to do something different, we are constantly looking for new ways and channels for communication and when we believe in the idea we are not afraid to take risks” – said Darko Bosnar, Art director at Imago.

Agency: IMAGO advertising agency
Idea: Igor Mladinović and Darko Bosnar
Creative Director: Igor Mladinović
Art Director: Darko Bosnar
Account: Petra Brandt
Video: Cimpy 

Source: Media Marketing


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