Arriving at Gozd Martuljek you see a wide and wild gorge, through which is a trail with many rope techniques navigating the gorge. Throughout the journey the peaks of Martuljek group are visible on one side and the wild gorge being climbed on the other. The beauty of the gorge and the rope techniques used for the ascent does not leave participants feeling cold.

Beautiful nature around Gozd Marutljek Falls, climbing, abseiling

WOW FACTOR: Beautiful nature around Gozd Marutljek Falls, climbing, abseiling
COMPANY:Julian Alps Adventure http://www.alps-adventures.com
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:Spring to autumn
DURATION:3-4 hours
LOCATION:Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
CATEGORY:Adrenaline experiences

When planning an incentive travel, organisers are always looking for new destinations, unique and authentic programmes. We were looking for some unique programmes in the region of South-East Europe and we ended up with more than 130 proposals that are now published in the KONGRES INCENTIVE IDEAS GUIDE

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