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Population: 664.046 Population: 1.339 million
ICCA Country and City rankings 2012: 40th place, 52 meetingsICCA Country and City rankings 2012: 60th place, 38 meetings
Mercer Quality of Living 2013: 83 placeMercer Quality of Living 2013: 135 place
+ Historic city with good connectivity to the rest of the world where you can find the infrastructure of a major European city, but with better weather and in a more interesting location. The Athens charm includes 300 days of sunshine a year, more than 30,000 hotel rooms in 439 hotels, 95,000 sqm of conference space, 1000+ restaurants and 200,000 flights per year. All major hotels in the city underwent a refurbishment for the 2004 Olympics. Access is constantly improving. Aegean Airlines, which acquired state carrier Olympic, has introduced many new flights. Athens airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the world and public transportation is well organised. Athens is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. The choices are plenty and they appeal to all tastes and lifestyles. Athens offers a combination of quality services and facilities at rather competitive prices.+ Belgrade is an authentic, open and hospitable congress destination with soul.It features a plethora of floating restaurants and clubs, plus lively riverbank promenades. Belgrade has a good basis for the development of the meetings industry, with a large convention centre, the Belgrade Fair, numerous convention hotels, a long tradition and very reasonable prices. Belgrade bases its congress story on a rich culture at the crossroads of East and West, the central position in the South-East Europe and a lively social life. Belgrade is a city on the rise and a rough congress diamond that has enormous development potential and can be placed geo-strategically side by side with world congress capitals, once it improves its infrastructure and handles the entire meetings sales chain In short, the zeitgeist of Belgrade is best summed up by writer Momo Kapor with the words: “Belgrade is a low-budget New York”.
Athens meetings flashpoints:Belgrade meetings flashpoints:
1. Hilton Athens – a legendary hotel with 506 rooms, a 1,000 capacity ballroom and a total of 22 meetings rooms1. Crowne Plaza - new 416-room hotel with meeting space for up to 800
2. Megaron Athens Conference Centre - with 18 meeting halls the venue of choice for the majority of global convention planners2. The Royal Compound - a palace built in Serbian-Byzantine style in 1924
3. Ethniki Conference Centre - a world class conference hall as well as an imposing Exhibition Area, is managed by Athenaeum Intercontinental hotel3. Skadarlija - The most evocative part of Belgrade packed with traditional restaurants
4. Mini Olympics - team building at ancient Olympic stadium, the Panathenaic Stadium4. Tito's Train - Journey back in time on board President Tito's famous Blue Train - art deco style hotel on wheels
5. The Acropolis Museum – a special venue and city's top attraction5. Sava Centar - Serbia's prime convention facility with 16 meeting rooms
STAY: Hotel Grande BretagneSTAY: Hotel Metropol Palace
FINAL MARK: 4,39/5FINAL MARK: 4,18/5



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