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WHATS HOT 2014? 

  • 30th Anniversary of Winter Olympic Games in 2014 – Sarajevo will prepare numerous theatre plays, concerts, films, exhibitions and performances, and guest appearances of prominent international artists. 
  • 100th Anniversary of the beginning of World War I – the year 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, which was triggered by the assassination of the Austro-Hungarian heir to the throne in Sarajevo.
  • Peace event Sarajevo 2014 – international event that will bring together thousands of peace activists and youth from many countries around the world. Activities such as workshops, plenary sessions, conferences, round tables, as well as cultural and youth activities will be held in multiple locations in Sarajevo.
  • 20th Sarajevo Film Festival – this year the Sarajevo Film Festival, the most successful Sarajevo brand, an international cinematic art event that brought the city world fame and recognition, celebrates its 20th birthday. The First Sarajevo Film Festival was held in 1995 and was visited by 3,500 people, while today the number of visitors runs to 100,000.
  • National and University Library of Bosnia and Herzegovina – the building will be brought back to function in 2014. The building, now a national monument, will be used for a variety of events. Its space will also be used for various protocol events for all levels of government, concerts and exhibitions.

City Hunting Sarajevo – City hunting is an exciting activity where teams have to accomplish different tasks connected with an ability to orient, to socialise, to plan the order of tasks performance and make a successful team work. It can also involve an element of theatrical and creative skill to capture the best images.

That 30 years after hosting winter Olympic Games, Sarajevo and East Sarajevo get ready for another Olympic event. The cities will introduce a new perspective of excellence among young elite athletes of Europe and will again unite the two cities that naturally lean on each other and are connected by their common past and future. EYOF 2017 will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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