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Speecheo falls within one of the strongest trends for this year, live slidesharing.  It helps the speaker to communicate their slides better by sharing them with the attendee. The participant will be able to take notes or share some slides on social media. They can also see tweets live on their screen while checking the slides, creating instant community around the event.

It is a mobile/desktop application that allows speakers to maximize interaction with the public and event organizers to push advertising. Having or using mic and projector in small events requires logistic. And even, attendees have some trouble to get the talk or doc. For event organizer, it’s hard to keep in touch with his audience and get their feedback. So, Speecheo, as web & mobile app connects scene and audience together allowing each one to talk with their phone as a mic or follow screen on it. Cause Speecheo is used in conferences, each user (organizer or speaker) becomes de facto an evangelist. 


CATEGORIES:Video Streaming, Education, Events, Mobile
DESCRIPTION:Improves knowledge exchange

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