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[pullquote]200 INCENTIVE IDEAS / 8 COUNTRIES[/pullquote]

Kongres Magazine released the new version of Incentive Ideas Guide Book which was first presented in January 2014. The long-awaited edition offers 200 Incentive Ideas from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia and Czech Republic!

Incentive Ideas Book made by Kongres Magazine contains the best of the best South East European incentive programmes. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline, active, CSR, cultural, historical, culinary or luxury experience, the Incentive book has it all. The Book is full of interesting and new Incentive programs from 8 countries and more than 40 providers. With these Incentive programs you will be able to see the yet unseen places, taste un-tasted foods, unknown wines, hear unintelligible languages and experience undiscovered experiences.

As incentive travel programs continue to make their slow but steady comeback, more organizations are realizing the value and importance of incentive travel and crafting programs that meet the specific needs — and wants — of their participants.

Things change. That is why Incentive Ideas Book is the first and one of a kind book which contains Central and South East European Incentive programs made for a group of people during a defined period of time.

Kongres magazines team kept is simple and sweet. All the programs are fun, emphasizing the positive and cheering people. We invite you to flip through pages and discover a wide range of programs which will leave you speechless.

Gorazd Čad,
Editor-in-Chief of Kongres magazine

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Incentive ideas book


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