spa, vita, life, of senses

A complete intensive two-day luxury care treatment to deservedly pamper your body and energize your soul leaving you looking. The first day invites you to get that radiant sea salt glow through a sea-salt body peeling which removes old skin cells, leaving you with hydrated, smooth, more lustrous skin. You’ll then be pampered with an invigorating and incredibly luxurious aromatic oils wrapping, covered with warm, moist towels that are infused with aromatic essential oils. After a fantastic night’s sleep, it’s time for some facial treatment care, with vitamin C giving you immediate visible effects leaving your skin feeling fresher and brighter. To really end the care performance on a high, you’ll indulge in the delights by experiencing a ritual massage involving aromatic body and crystal facial massage.

Let yourself be pampered with aromatic oils wrapping, full aroma balancing ritual massages

WOW FACTOR: Aromatic oils wrapping, full aroma balancing ritual massage
COMPANY:Istraturist Umag d.d.
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:April - November
LOCATION:Umag, Istria
CATEGORY:Luxury experiences

When planning an incentive travel, organisers are always looking for new destinations, unique and authentic programmes. We were looking for some unique programmes in the region of South-East Europe and we ended up with more than 130 proposals that are now published in the KONGRES INCENTIVE IDEAS GUIDE. 

SPA Vita Life Of Senses

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