rafting adventure

The Tara River is like a white-water staircase with calm pools below the rapids allowing time to rest and bask, taking photos and swimming in the splendour of this beautiful river. It is a route from Brštanovice to Scepan Polje – 21 challenging rapids and takes 3-4 hours.  All the participants will be provided with life jacket, helmets and appropriate waterproof clothes and shoes.

Raft trip on the Tara river, winds its way trough 18 fun filled kilometres of beautifull scenery and tumbling white-water on the most exciting rapids from Brestanovica to Scepan Polje.

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When planning an incentive travel, organisers are always looking for new destinations, unique and authentic programmes. We were looking for some unique programmes in the region of South-East Europe and we ended up with more than 130 proposals that are now published in the KONGRES INCENTIVE IDEAS GUIDE. 

Photo Credits: Eko Piva