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MITJA ŽNIDARŠIČ, Sales manager for MICE in the hotel chain LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portorož

Q: Who are you?
My name is Mitja Žnidaršič. I am a sales manager for MICE in the hotel chain LifeClass Hotels & Spa in Portorož, the elite costal resort in Slovenia. Growing up in Portorož, where tourism is the mainstream business, had quite a big impact on my life. From a very early age I was fascinated with the hospitality industry and had my mind set on working in this field, preferably a hotel or a hotel chain. Throughout my university years I worked as a tourist guide and was in charge of the sales department for the Slovenian littoral region in a Slovenian tourist agency, which helped me develop much needed skills for the line of work I am doing now. My goal of working for a hotel or a hotel chain was met in March 2014 when I was invited to join the MICE team of LifeClass Hotels & Spa. Being a very dynamic person I absolutely love the diversity and the opportunities that LifeClass has to offer.

Q: What is your favourite meetings brand?
At the risk of not seeming objective, I’d have to say LifeClass Hotels & Spa. There is absolutely no denying that with a great location and excellent infrastructure the hotel chain is adequate for hosting even the most demanding events. But more than that, in LifeClass we are introducing new and innovative ways of organising meetings. Through different approaches and activities we help organisers increase the ROI of their events.

Q: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
I’m not sure whether to categorise this as brave, but I would think I was bold taking on the responsibilities of the marketing department of the largest Casino in Portorož without previous experience in that line of work. It was a great experience and I’m proud to say it went very well.

Q: What’s your alternative career fantasy?
My alternative career fantasy would be to run a strategic consulting company. Through my studies at the Faculty of Economics I got to be quite enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and for a short period of time I was hired as a salesman and a consultant for a small start-up company. I found that experience to be very interesting.

Q: What are you obsessed with at the moment?
I haven’t really thought of myself as being obsessed with anything, but I love the challenge of creating and implementing new ideas and programmes consistent with the LifeClass ideology and making the LifeClass meetings experience even more unique. That and tennis.