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Due to sustainable guidelines Conventa follows, the show every year partners up with local suppliers to promote local tradition and heritage. Key meeting industry players that attended Conventa in January thus stayed hydrated with Costella, Slovenia’s premium natural mineral water.

As Conventa every year invites hosted buyers and exhibitors for a cup of coffee, the show must also offer bottle of water to go with it. Around 2.500 cups of coffee have been served by Bernardin Group Resorts & Hotels at this year’s Conventa and around 2.950 litres of Slovenia’s number one water Costella have been drunk.

Partnering up with Costella was an excellent choice. Costella embodies the freshness of unspoiled nature of Kolpa Valley the same as Conventa embodies the freshness of meetings offer of New Europe. No matter where you go in EU, you can quench your thirst with Costella and no matter what kind of meetings offer you seek you can find it at Conventa.

“Keep hydrated and be refreshed with Costella & Conventa!”

Rad/a pijem vodo Costella

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