MPI, Krakow, Poland


This year MPI placed the statement “to succeed one must step out of their comfort zone” at the heart of the European conference. The old is not working anymore and success can only be achieved by constantly innovating organisational and business models. The conference’s more than 50 lecturers, who highlighted the topic from various points of view, confirmed this. According to the organisers the fresh and innovative programme captivated over 300 registered participants, and, together with the support team, over 400 persons took part.
The conference was aligned with the MCI Association’s new policy, which once again put its members, their personal development, and possibilities for a pleasant gathering at the forefront.


Alongside the educational platform the conference offered for the first time a hosted buyer programme. As a result the value of the EMEC platform, which is oriented towards networking and gatherings of meeting industry professionals, has been improved and the event was given a business dimension. 17 meeting planners and 16 service providers were paired up at the event.


EMEC is a pleasant conference which has used its location in Krakow and everything that the city has to offer very wisely. An organising team is behind the event, packed with energy and led by Krzystof Celuch, who received standing ovations for the sincere, authentic, and professional organisation at the conference’s closing event. During the whole event Dave Sharp, a BBC journalist and an outstanding moderator, kept the energy up at perfect level.


For the first time in history MPI organised a meeting of all chapters which took place ahead of the conference. Paul Van Deventer, MPI CEO, and Kevin Kirby, MPI Chairman of the IBOD, also took part at this summit; among the lecturers and moderators was also Mike van der Vivjer. Its purpose was to implement best practices and knowledge into the activities of the individual European chapters.


The brand new ICE Krakow centre offers a superb view through its large glass walls. The centre is an important acquisition for the second biggest Polish city. Its futuristic exterior is softened by the oval shaped interior, which embraces the listeners in the main hall. The top-notch acoustics and the wooden covering give the room warmth, and contribute to the overall sense of well-being.

Although opinions are divided over the exterior, the essence of the centre can be found inside – it surprises with its spaciousness, technical equipment and trendiness.


The social highlight of the event was a festive dinner at the Wieliczka Salt Mine. In 1978, UNESCO listed it as a World Heritage Site in Europe. Every year more than a million tourists from all around the world visit this famous mine, the pride of the Polish nation and the fruit of the labour of countless generations of Polish miners. With its nine levels the Wieliczka Salt Mine reaches a depth of 327 m and has over 300 km of mine galleries. A real treat for the eyes are the mighty halls; in one of them we enjoyed a breath-taking underground show and a culinary experience.


The Polish style and personality developed through a millennium of turbulent history. At every step the participants experienced the unique atmosphere of Krakow, where the people’s warm welcome and hospitality stood out. The Polish are proud of their culture and they enjoy and respect their tradition. The participants could even experience a part of this tradition, of which Krysztof Celuch, the Manager of the Poland Convention Bureau, is a paragon.


EMEC 2016 will be hosted by Copenhagen. Based on their congenial final presentation we can expect a sustainable and well-planned conference in the spirit of their Meetovation philosophy.
The conference will be held in the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel from 7 to 9 February 2016.

Poland is still a land of fascinating differences and contrasts. The Polish economy is the only economy in the EU which did not experience a downturn. The Polish meeting industry in Krakow showed its young and modern face as well as a lot of passion, which was experienced by the event’s participants. The Polish meeting industry is fresh, original, and modern; its actors are spontaneous, hospitable and open-minded. All of this places Poland on top of the meeting destinations of New Europe.

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