jelena, petkovič

Q: What do you love about meetings?
Meetings industry shaped my way of life quite a bit. I love the fact that I get to meet new people and places, to put concepts and ideas into life and shape events.

Q: Your tips for the perfect event?
Treat every group and participant as your own personal guest. It will help you understand their needs much faster and find sollutions to their challenges even faster.

Q: Why organise a meeting in your city/hotel?
Meetings are more and more managing and communication emotions. We are more than lucky to present two great destinations – sLOVEnia and Ser<3ia. For me one of them is a country of love and the other country with a heart. Both are guaranteed to make a memorable scenery for your meeting.

Q: The most memorable event for you?
When you love what you do every event is memorable. They all carry a story or a challenge that I will always remember, or a partner that is now a personal friend.

Q: Food for thought?
Dare and good things get a chance to happen.

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