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With more than 2.8 billion US dollars of insured capital and presence in 200 cities in 55 countries around the world, Uber is one of today’s most important technology companies in the world that completely changes the industry of transportation and worries the common taxi drivers.

After Bucharest, Vienna and Warsaw, they are soon opening a branch in Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana and the rest of the region. At OMGcommerce will exclusively reveal its intentions on May 4th 2015 – in the company of PayPal and Croatian digital elite.

Uber will be presented for the first time to Croatia business world with the interest in the digital transformation at OMGcommerce, which will take place on May 4th 2015 in Zagreb. You can check their detail program and register on the official website. Uber’s “International Launcher” Rob Khazzam was already in Zagreb and followed what is happening in the region, commenting that was only a matter of time before Uber comes to the regions as part of the so-called economy sharing.

They recently opened offices in Bucharest and Sofia, and due to the significant capital and aggressive expansion, which proved to be successful, don’t wait for the “digitization” of the market. Uber intention is to digitize transport on the markets.

Why is Uber dangerous for Taxi “industry”
At a first glance, Uber seems to be just a harmless mobile application for ordering transportation, but it is so effective in its intention that can replace various taxi and transportation services with its global network of “Uber” vehicles, that it is expected to achieve over 10 US billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2015. Serbian taxi drivers did not respond positively to the question about the arrival of Uber to Belgrade.

In neighbouring Italy threatened Head of the local Uber office, and in many countries there was not only a conflict with the legislation of these countries (Germany recently banned Uber), but also physical encounters of taxi and Ubers drivers. Croats may remind to such stories with arrival of Taxi Cammeo to Zagreb, which has drastically lowered the prices and increased quality of transport services – but Uber is a completely different kind of competitor. Technological.

[pullquote]Uber will, when it comes to Zagreb, Belgrade and Ljubljana repeat the strategy which has proved to be successful around the world including the middle and eastern Europe.[/pullquote] You may have already had the opportunity to use Uber’s excellent mobile application, which connects you with the closes Uber’s drivers in London or Budapest. However, you will not be able to ignore Uber through social networks.
Who invested billions in Uber?

2.8 US billion dollars have invested powerful American investment funds, such as Benchmark, First Round Capital, Goldman Sachs, Menlo Ventures and Google Ventures. Uber will initially certainly not come with classic “taxis”. On the contrary, they will start with Uber Black as classical, sedan model, which will although be a little more expensive, but surprisingly affordable for first users – mostly for those who must move quickly to regional capitals.

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