Are you tweeting, retweeting and following? Being up-to-date is now more important than ever and Kongres magazine strives to keep you informed and amused also through its social media channels. Since joining Twitter in February 2011, Kongres magazine has tweeted more than 2.000 times and gained more than 2.000 followers.

Twitter is a serious marketing platform and 140 characters is a powerful weapon. We can easily agree that Twitter has changed the way the world communicates. Since joining the Twitter mania, Kongres magazine has been able to offer news in real time, has been spreading the word to a wider meeting industry audience and has been generating more traffic to its website. Those who follow remain up-to-speed with the current meeting industry trends, news and stories. Those who don’t , can still join @kongresmagazine!

Kongres magazine editorial board thanks all the followers and promises to keep their tweets relevant, fresh and a little provocative also in the future!

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