It is the location of the former cinema, where will in 1.800 squares of urban field from September 15th 2015 in the performance of GP Krk begin to sprout a multi-purpose facility that will not only be meetings space, but also a place where artistic activities will “live” – from cinemas and theatres to the necessary space for young people.

Cultural and congress centre in Opatija will build GP Krk. City of Opatija, representatives of GP Krk, Mayor Ivo Dujmić and the director of the firm Josip Purić have signed a contract for construction works of the Cultural and tourist center in Opatija. The city invested 31.6 million Kuna (without VAT), which will be implemented on the territory of the former cinema Imperial, behind the Imperial Hotel, at about 1.800 square area of the city. At the specified location will be built multi-purpose facility that will serve not only as a convention/meetings space, but will also be dedicated to art. It will be a theater, cinema, exhibition space as well as a meeting place of youth organizations from Opatija.

The new center will dispose with 4.500 square foot space on four floors. The central part of the space will consist of hall with a stage of 200 squares and an auditorium with a capacity of 500 seats. In addition, in the group floor will be located a nightclub, while the first floor will consist of multi-purpose hall that will if necessary be able to divide and turn into little rooms, or serve as an exhibition space.
“We are building the new face of Opatija. We will achieve the goal slowly but patiently. We started with a sports hall, and now we are on the second most important object in Opatija, which tried to implement previous mayors, but failed. This multi-purpose facility will be designed especially for conferences, and we decided that it should first be health and medical conferences since Opatija is developing in this direction. This will also be the venue for concerts, theater and cinema program” said Dujmić upon signing the contract, explaining the multifunctionality of the building that will be able to accommodate up to 1.200 visitors.

Construction work will begin after the summer season, more precisely on September 15th 2015 and will be completed probably by the end of 2016. This was announced by Mayor Dujmić and confirmed by the representative of the contractor Mr. Purić.In the sad reality of the Croatian construction, Opatija proves ability, determination and offers hope to all of us in the construction sector” said Purić, stressing the importance of this project for their company, and 800 families who work for them.

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