jasna, jasič

Slovenian Convention Bureau is delighted to announce their team has expanded and welcomed on board a new staff member. The three musketeers with more than 30 years of combined experiences in all fields of the meetings industry are Miha Kovacic (Director), Azra Botonjic (Marketing Manager) and the new associate Jasna Jasic (Marketing).

In the past, Jasna has led a successful work team in a hotel and has extensive experience in marketing, tourism and state protocol event management. Since starting her new job at Slovenian Convention Bureau she has wasted no time and has immediately rolled up her sleeves. She looks forward to new challenges and is excited to be able to continue working in the meetings industry while representing Slovenia to international meeting planners: “Working in the meetings industry has been a passion of mine for a while now, ever since I have found myself in tourism. Slovenia is so beautiful and it offers a wealth of untapped potential. It is pleasant and easy to represent it well.”

She modestly continues: “Pursuing a career in marketing has been an essential interest of mine for the last eight years. I’m very well organised, I also have quite a variety of ideas I will hopefully be able to implement, but first I need to prove myself on the job. I will try to do my best to contribute to the good work The Slovenian Convention Bureau has been doing so far.”

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