This list is for those who dare to wish for completely different urban venues. You can find them in bigger urban regional centres, which are also the regional congress capitals. These are places that don’t feel like your typical setting for an event on first sight. They usually offer an excellent sound system and a special rock atmosphere.

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The legendary hall with the best acoustics can also be a place for different types of events. Having been renovated the hall can now be split into 3 smaller units. The larger hall can accommodate 1,600 guests. Technically and in terms of executing events it is one of the best-equipped concert venues in Croatia.

From concert history: Pixies, Joe Satirani, Patti Smith, Apocalyptica, The Walabouts…

KINO ŠIŠKA, Ljubljana
Ljubljana’s rock center with top-notch equipment in its Katedrala hall. This unique setting is mostly connected with music, theatre, dance and experimental production, but it is also offers a place for meetings and conferences. It sits among the biggest and most technically advanced rock venues in Europe.

From concert history: TBF + Zooster, John Mc Laughlin, Swans, Megadeth, Joss Stone, Laibach…

An institution that has been offering a home of alternative culture for more than 50 years. Your guests can feel this spirit in several rooms spreading across 5,000 m2. Amerikana, the biggest hall, is where you can really get the positive energy and rock spirit. It is in these rooms that YU Rock was born. After renovation this hall has also been very well equipped.

From concert history: Mudhoney, Fink, Doghouse, Chris Eckman, Laibach, Sepultura…

If you want to organise an event in a true temple, then Močvara is the place to do it. The former Jedinstvo factory on the coast of Sava is the mecca of alternative culture, where you can bring a special subcultural spirit to your event. In the bigger hall alongside the club can host 1,200 guests.

From concert history: UK Subs, Christian Death, Mad Professor, Mike Watt…

The epicentre of rock culture and generator of urban culture in Istria’s biggest town. The club named after a shipyard and has hosted some big names in the local rock scene. For entire generations in the region it was a major part of their youth and it is still known as the best urban rock scene in Istria.

From concert history: Marc Ribot, Šime, Atheist Rap, Električni orgazam, Hladno pivo, Partibrejkers…

From a metal scene to the club scene, from a meeting place for ex-yu lovers to strong competition for Kino Šiška, this venue offers perhaps a more commercial and recognisable array of music. It can host up to 1,000 guests.

From concert history: Rambo Amadeus, Bajaga, Partibrejkers, MI2…

In a historical quarter of Dubrovnik and is joined by a theatre and an art gallery, the Lazareti consists of an interactive theatre, club, terrace and a beach with one of the most attractive views of the Stari Grad.

From concert history: Ministry of Sound, S.W.A.G, Laus recrods, Primate, Adult records…

CK 13, Novi Sad
The main idea behind this centre is to ensure that young people are introduced to different aspects of politics and culture, giving them a better perspective and approach to life enabling them to be independent and take their own decisions. Omladinski Centar regularly hosts a variety of events, including workshops, seminars, a lecture series, live concerts and other functions.

From concert history:

Mikser House is a hybrid concept space for cultural, educational and commercial activities, nestled in an inspiring, converted industrial facility of 1,000 m2. Located in Savamala, one of the most promising Belgrade neighborhoods, Mikser House is contributing to its bottom-up transformation into a progressive design & culture district.

From concert history: Dogville, Jewlwz & Sparks, Otis Taylor, Damir Urban…

MOSTOVNA, Nova Gorica
Mostovna was an industrial building with an extensive grass courtyard that was desolate for many years and showing no signs of life. Located on the outskirts of Nova Gorica it was redeveloped into a public space and its premises are now perfect for events.
From concert history: Marduk, Elvis Jackson, Noctiferia, Fake Orchestra, Zabranjeno pušenje…

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