MTLG 2015

Kongres Magazine invites you to vote for best Meeting destinations of New Europe.

Stunning nature, rich cultural and historical heritage, excellent accessibility, affordability, a number of new convention centers, hotels and fresh creativity puts New Europe among the freshest and most desirable convention destinations out there. With the help of Meetologues, the knowledge of the destination is growing each year and the Meetologue turned into a unique guide to the congress destinations.

Kongres Magazine now invite you to VOTE for best Meeting Destinations of New Europe.

From its beginning until today, Kongres Magazine presented 52 Meetologues from 14 countries. In Addition, Kongres magazine will this year at IMEX 2015 present new features and attractions for 2015 and 7 brand new Meetologues (Venice, Athens, Villach, Piran, Laško, Poreč and Rijeka).

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