Professions of the future

professions of the future

How does it sounds President of content, Audience development manager or Director Blog community. In my opinion quite unusual. A few days ago, I was on the search for new employees and faced with the serious dilemma of how to define his/hers job. I was getting different ideas and finally came up to classical solution, that I was searching for content manager.

I realized that different destination organizations, especially DMCs are becoming content marketing agencies. The best ones had a long time ago turned into the agency that creates an excellent destination content. They forced to do so by the development of new technologies and new needs of clients. The difference is in in-depth understanding of customers. Those who know how to listen meeting planners and trust in the digital world, will soon begin to think in this direction.

Titles of professions have become specific. In my work, I have already met with functions like Editor Intelligent content and Chief Happiness Officer. Responsible for happiness, contentment and the atmosphere in the company or at the project. It seems that we have come to the time, when the title explains the key tasks of the employee. Even so, the long-term predictions of new coming professions is unreliable. Professions, wanted by the MICE industry today, may no longer exist in the next decade, and over the next 50 years may disappear completely.

Professions of the future will base on a variety of skills and experience and life-long learning. It is a combination of experience in the public relations and digital marketing. The education system, as usual, lags behind concrete need of the market.

Thus so, I will no longer bother my two teenagers with questions »What do you want to be when you grow up? «.

Let us look at some examples:

  • President of content
    It performs the role of »above-chief« and editor of digital content, which deals with the processing, analysis and production of various stories. A good editor always knows and understands what your target audience wants and where the future of content leads us.
  • Chief content officer
    Is quite like the previous title, it is a multimedia editor, storyteller and operator of content. It is virtually needed for every major or minor event.
  • Chief storyteller
    Corporate storyteller. He/she integrates multimedia, music, video, and infographics to the stories. Storyteller is able to tell the adjusted story to target groups. Convenient profession, which was until now carried out by MC’s at the events.
  • Director Blog community
    Responsible for the satisfaction of the blog community. Ensures the quality and attractiveness of content in a specific area, which covers the blog. Instead us, collects and filters information’s and extracts the most important.
  • E-media manager
    E-content editor which ensures that the content is appropriate given in the terms of content and e-forms. It must ensure that bloggers and other online media publishers publish the content.
  • Podcast network director
    Manages podcasts and must be able to think outside the box   to provide content that users want.
  • Search manager
    Fighter of the most prominent places in search engines, which most often occurs as an outsource providers.
  • Audience development manager
    A great listener and a critical thinker with overview of all communties.
  • Social media manager
    Manages the reputation of your event on social networks. Not only media management, their task is to spread the audience through various campaigns. This is currently the most common profession in the scene.

It does not mean you won’t build a successful congress business or event If you don’t like the future professions. There will still be a strong need after today’s professions.

In the digital world, DMC’s are becoming media agencies, like Red Bull which is everything else, but the manufacturer of drinks.
Nomen est omen: as destination managers are in the first place managers of good quality content form the destinations.

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