In 2015 company, Monolit celebrates 20 years in business. Their beginnings go to 1995 when Monolit started a project of digitalization of land register. We are also the pioneers of digital maps for Slovenia. Through the years Monolit map became an esential part of location based portals and navigation providers like Google, Here, NNG, Garmin, Mio, Magellan, Telekom Slovenije, TSmedia, Petrol, Mercator, Engrotuš and many others.

Monolit2Go mobile app is based on topographic data and is considered as Slovenia’s main mobile outdoor guide with detailed description of more than 2.000 hiking, cycling and tourist roads all over Slovenia. For the first time all trails are collected in one place and on one map!

All nature fans can enjoy discovering new places and wonders of Slovenia. With Monolit2Go you can easily find a right path, learn about its characteristics and navigate on the field. With the last app update we offer new maps, larger street names in all zooms and updated elevation profile.

Monolit2go is available on Google Play and App Store. Android users can purchase the app directly through Monolit.

Specific destinations can be even more visible with specially adapted and designed free applications for their region. Similar apps are Laško2go and Hiking&Biking App.

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