MTLG 2015
Let’s Meet in NEW EUROPE


The fairytale landscapes and images of Montenegro really caught my attention and my curiosity was further piqued by its many charming details. My road trip across the wider region was loaded with such moments, so much so that I realised, as I continued to drive through each new and stunning territory, that on the road in front of me revealing itself was … the fresh, modern, congress world of ‘New Europe’!

After the fall of the Iron Curtain there has been a lot of change: new borders, new countries and new meeting destinations, all of which have at times been overlooked and undervalued. Within the matter of just a few years, however, we became the experts of this new region and were enthused to discover that our New Europe is an attractive and fresh destination, one that is full of positive traits that really help define it.

Prices are kinder than in the “Old Europe”, to start with; overnight stays are cheaper, people are properly genuine and friendly and on top of all this one of the most pleasant surprises is the really high quality cuisine. Chaos on the roads and heavy crowds are more the exception than the rule, as the populations of these countries are smaller. And meeting industry organisers are excellent hosts and are part of a pleasant community of all the key people who know each other and who share an almost missionary faith in the potential of their industry.

Getting to our region is constantly getting better too. Airline companies have been focussing on expansion to the East and have improved accessibility, bringing New Europe ever closer. Low cost carriers can whisk you from London to Skopje in just over two hours and starting at only €30. There is a lot to discover in New Europe, and being able to discover it is now easier than ever before.

MTLG 2015

This year we have added ten new meetologues to over 51 existing ones. Our trip covered 20 countries once known as ‘Eastern Europe’ and also including Turkey. This is already a concrete and comprehensive choice that includes a diverse range of capital cities, regional centres and famous tourist destinations, but it is not just about numbers; the meetologues are among the most read columns in the Kongres Magazine and we present them objectively, comprehensively, independently and based on real economic and social conditions. [pullquote]The region’s meetings industry has passed through its early childhood years – it has now reached early puberty and has all the energy that that brings![/pullquote]

In recent times these New European destinations have been attracting unparalleled levels of media attention, and no less so as a result of their meetings industry. Congress organisers are increasingly looking for new, undiscovered destinations. Our region boasts some excellent projects as well as agencies that have a worldwide reputation and who are working to find the right formula for success on the international meetings industry scene. The leading congress cities of New Europe – Prague, Budapest, Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Bucharest – are all breathing down the necks of the established congress cities with their time-honoured traditions.

Yes, the meetings industry destinations of New Europe are full of energy. They believe in themselves. They know what they want. New Europe can only be understood once you feel its positive spirit of infinite possibilities.

MTLG 2015 will stimulate you and renew your congress energy.

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The answer to this question is something of an unsolved conundrum. A clear definition of New Europe doesn’t exist, the most general definition being that these are the countries of Eastern Europe that was once behind the Iron Curtain. Technically this means 24 countries of Eastern Europe, adding Greece and Turkey to them.

In our Editorial, we include the fresh, energetic and lesser-known European destinations to New Europe.

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