introduces ‘Live Slides’, real-time presentation sharing

Audience interaction specialist today announces the launch of its latest feature, Live Slides. Live Slides allows event organizers to share presentations with their audiences in real-time, while also removing many of the hassles associated with managing multiple presentations during an event.

Live Slides will make it possible for event participants to follow presentations from any device and bookmark the most important slides with a single click. After the event, the bookmarked slides will be sent to the delegates via email. The new feature is integrated with the core Q&A and polling features that is known for.

To use live slides, event organizers will need to download the new Windows application, which also simplifies the management of presentations during an event. It allows them to organize all presentations by the event agenda and then switch seamlessly between different speakers and file formats. The application supports all standard presentation formats including PowerPoint, PDF and Prezi, as well as all video formats including YouTube and Vimeo.

Peter Komornik CEO Peter Komornik comments: “People come to events hoping to get inspired and learn new things. They often hear amazing ideas that could help them in their personal or professional lives. But capturing those ideas, and then actually remembering them in real life, is something many people struggle with.

“With Live Slides, event organizers can enhance onsite education and help their delegates easily retrieve what they learnt at their event. But we have gone further than just focusing on the experience of the delegates: we understand that presentation management is one of the biggest sources of stress for event organizers and therefore have built a simple platform that allows them to easily organize and manage all of their presentations no matter what format they are in.” will officially unveil Live Slides to the public at the Meet The Future conference at Central Hall Westminster in London next Tuesday, June 9th. The new feature is currently available in private beta only to an exclusive group of customers.

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