Keep it short AND simple

Interview with Mateja Legat, Product Manager at Sava Hoteli Bled

Q: Challenging moments?
The first event of my career was a meeting of 13 Central European presidents, so I suddenly had this opportunity to learn about the real scope of event organisation. And I stuck with it J

Then there was a meeting for the wedding of a couple from England – me on one side of the table, the couple and about 10 of their relatives on the other.

Q: Best event?
A 2-week event for 180 scientists, mainly because we managed to keep up the WOW effect from the first day to the very last. They will be coming back to us in Bled next year.

Q: Dream event?
Earning EUR 200,000 at an event that only takes 3 days of work.

Q: Alternative career?
I don’t know why, but I have always wanted to have my own surfing school and considering how many windy days we have had in Bled recently…

Q: What’s your management style?
Constant and genuine relationships with my colleagues (with as few mood swings typical for women as possible).

Q: What would your key management advice be?
Keep it short & simple & smiling.

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