On the banks of the river Mura and located near Verzej, Babic Mill is the only floating mill on the river. The floating mill is a unique invention that uses the natural energy of water efficiently and allows farmers to make ground, whole-wheat products. At one time over 90 mills operated along the Mura river, but today only the Babič mill remains in operation and it is where you can buy a wide range of freshly milled flour.

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Babič Mill has an interesting history: in 1912, the Babič family bought an old mill that was floating on the river, but it was completely destroyed in a fire fifteen years after. They then constructed a new mill at the same spot a year later, and in a bid to protect it from another disaster they set up the mill house by the river bank and put the mill wheel on special boats. However, this mill was washed away by the river and the family was forced in 1947 to again build a new mill.