Draperies, poles, stalactites, stalagmites, huge chambers, narrow meandering ways… pretty much all the strange forms that exist in a cave’s surroundings. In addition to the fantastic shapes and forms that we will see in the cave, Uvac cave is well-known for its entrance located on Uvac lake. Passing through the cave takes about 4 hours. At its exit, participants then take a one-hour boat ride across the lake. Uvac canyon is one of the largest habitats of the Griffon vulture in this part of Europe.

WOW FACTOR:Live music, river cruise
COMPANY:Hungaria Koncert
BEST TIME OF THE YEAR:All year round
DURATION:1hour 30 minutes
LOCATION:Budapest, 1051 Zrínyi utca 5, Hungary
CATEGORY:Cultural experiences


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