conventa, day1

1. A trade show organised in a cost- and time-efficient manner.

conventa, day2

2. A closed event that is an essential meeting point of cherry-picked buyers and New European meeting providers.

conventa, day2, networking, dinner

3. A place filled with energy, warmth and great hospitality!

4. Never just a number. An individual approach is what Conventa swears by. You will find the personal touch at every step of the way.

5. Pre-scheduled One-to-One meetings were you get to know every potential business partner in person.

6. Personally experiencing meeting destinations on fam trips.

7. Educational modules tailor-made for exhibitors and hosted buyers.

8. Social events where exhibitors and hosted buyers can mix and business match even further in a more relaxed atmosphere.

9. Friendly and professional Conventa staff available to every guest 24/7.

10. Tradition, trust, high standards and high satisfaction rate. In seven years 888 exhibitors from 17 countries and 1,702 hosted buyers from 45 countries have conducted 20,668 meetings at Conventa.

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