16. Regular meeting of the Permanent Slovenian – Hungarian Comission For Protection Against Natural And Other Disasters
8th December, 2014

Hotel Livada Prestige, Terme 3000

Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue

International conference

Terme 3000


This was a meeting of a mixed international commission that rotates between different countries. In addition to the focussed work of the event, it also included a press conference and had a series of bilateral conversations. One of the important factors for the selection of Moravci was its the location on the edge of the Pannonian Plain. As a number of extremely acute natural disasters have escalated the significance of this topic, the event received a lot of media coverage.


The event is an international one with an emphasis on cooperation between different countries, which places several technical requirements upon hosting it, including being able to deal with demanding translation. Due to the profile of the public sector client, it was also necessary that the event was carried out very carefully and with precision.


The event was very tightly organised, with the flow of information smooth and on time, which is extremely important for public administration events. There was an emphasis on providing a suitable working environment for participants that also allowed for socialising and sharing experiences.


Given the proverbial hospitality of Prekmurje, the objectives were all reached and exceeded. The event opens up new possibilities for business cooperation.

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