Piran culinary art is a fusion of Mediterranean and Istrian cuisine that strengthens one’s health: with one of the best salts, some of the best olive oil, fresh fish, excellent vegetables and tasty fruit from the Dragonja river valley. Next to healthy and delicions food one must try the local wine. An autochthonous sort of grape grows on Istrian land, from which springs forth the much praised Refosco wine. The typical white wine in these parts is Malvasia. Both wines are served with typical Istrian foods: prosciutto crudo, cheese, homemade bread and locally produced olive oil; bobiči (broth with corn), sweet Štruklji with meat (baked rolls, a traditional Slovenian dish), »bloody polenta«, wild asparagus omelette, traditional Istrian pasta – bleki, blečiči, fusi – risotto, sea life (in čežama sauce or in brodet, sweet bread, rolls or fried pastry (fritole).


Piran sea bass, fish of outstanding quality produced in Slovenia. Piran sea bass in salt is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways to prepare a sea bass. Our tip: For groups up to 50 people Fonda fish farm offers a tour and degustation. This can be a great incentive trip where participants can learn and experience the king of Slovenian fish.