Photo credits: Porsche Inter Auto Slovenia
Photo credits: Porsche Inter Auto Slovenia

Approximately two weeks before the world premiere at Frankfurt Moto Show 2015, the new Audi A4 was brought to Slovenia where the representatives of Audi proudly presented the car to about 500 Slovenians gathered at GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The star of the evening was the Audi ambassador, the former Formula One Racer and the Audi five-time winner of the 24-hour race in Le Mans, Emanuele Pirro, who said: “As a former racer what I like in cars is the handling performance and the road holding. I like the combination of driver focus and comfort. Audi enables the driver to drive more relaxed. Not with less concentration, but with less effort.” And added: “It is time for the new technique to help us ensure a greater degree of safety and the new Audi A4 brings a fraction of it.”

Audi did not hide the fact that the model A4 is their key asset and that therefore the arrival of a new generation of the car to the market is taken extremely seriously. The new model impressed the Slovenian crowd as every fourth Slovenian driver drives Audi but to buy the new model they will have to wait till November.


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