Not sure where to organise your next meeting. To help you choose the perfect destination, we’ve gathered inspirational videos of some of the New Europe’s most captivating destinations.
Get inspired to explore these fascinating cities and plan your next meeting.

A historic city with excellent connectivity to the rest of the world and where you will find infrastructure befitting a major European capital, but with better weather and in a more interesting location. The Athens allure includes 300 days of sunshine a year, more than 30,000 hotel rooms in 439 hotels, 95,000 sq.m of conference space, 1,000+ restaurants and 200,000 flights per year. All major hotels in the city underwent a refurbishment for the 2004 Olympics.

A damaged image of Athens in the midst of the crisis has been improved by the active marketing of the destination, which has seen the return of quite a few reliable clients. However, despite becoming very good value, Athens did not become a fire-sale, with the city sticking to the normal European hotel and service prices. The Athens congress industry definitely has a clear vision and enough reserves of energy for a second break into the premier congress league, but for the moment it has been a little bit compromised by the crisis. Once this ends, Athens will be able to hit the heights once again.

[vimeo width=”650″ height=”450″][/vimeo]

Through the eyes of a business traveller visiting Athens for 3 days, viewers can get a glimpse of all the city has to offer in terms of conference, accommodation, and public transport facilities, as well as cultural, gastronomic, and other leisure activities

Director/ Editing: Andreas Loukakos
Director of Photography: Fanis Karagiorgos
Motion Design: Monologue (
Music: Carantino Manouche by Imam Baildi (from the album “The Imam Baildi Cookbook”). Courtesy of Minos-EMI
Executive Producer: Renos Papapaschos (
Produced by dotmov (

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