European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM2015

Since its foundation in 1969 AS Congress Service from Zagreb – the oldest and most experienced company in SEE dedicated to technical support to congress / MICE industry – has been setting up conference technology standards in the region. This was proven yet again during the last week of August 2015 in Rovinj, where AS Congress Service was providing technical support at the European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM2015.

Old TDR factory buildings had to accommodate more than 1.000 delegates from all around the world, what was not an easy task for anybody involved – for the building owner, for the technical organizer, as well as for the service providers. A lot of creativity and effort had to be invested to transform the old factory halls into a modern conference area, equipped with all the commodities that are normal today – air-condition, powerful Wi-Fi throughout the conference, exhibition and private meeting areas, high quality audio-visual and IT solutions…. And at the end all the invested work brought a memorable result.

AS Congress Service’s specially developed Presentation Management Network was installed throughout the 8 conference halls, enabling central spot for preview and upload of presentations, therefore leaving both the lecturers and organizer worry-free. Thanks to PMN, the change from one presentation to another was performed in a matter of seconds, and even in such a short meantime the screens were not dark, but were showing either the congress logo or online programm abstract. With PMN the usual hassle with USB sticks or with connection of presenter’s laptop to projectors – what would almost always cause delays in schedule – has been eliminated for good.

As another quality addition, AS Congress Service used new projectors with extremely powerful lens correction system, what allows the placement of projector on the left or right side of the room instead of having to place it centrally in front (or in the back) of the projection screen, thus leaving much more space for both delegates and for the presenter.

Complicated acoustics of concrete and metal old factory halls obviously had to be taken into consideration while planning the sound systems that had to be installed in every conference room; AS Congress Service crew didn’t have a problem with that – careful planning of their standard BOSE sound systems was enough to provide the sound which was just as good as there was a fixed installed PA.

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