A current comparison of the closest competitors on the 2014 ICCA scale following the Kongres travelogue methodology – meetologues.

Population: 425,459 Population: 761,900
ICCA Country and City ranking 2014 134th place 18 meetings ICCA Country and City ranking 2014 60th place 40 meetings
Mercer Quality of Living 2013: NAMercer Quality of Living 2013: NA
Sunshine hours: 2,168 per yearSunshine hours: 1,489 per year
+ One of the smaller and most likeable European capitals, it is compact enough that you can explore its many beautiful parts by foot, as the old town is closed to traffic. Slovakia’s administrative and economic centre is currently also a fast growing Slovakia congress brand. For now, Bratislava remains an undiscovered European congress capital that is slowly and steadily penetrating the congress market. It represents something fresh for the international congress market that impresses with the kind and welcoming aspect of its city centre, but also because as a place it has not been excessively commercialised. Bratislava has for a long time lived in the shadow of neighbouring Vienna and Prague, but today as a fresh destination full of new energy it courts international congress organisers. The city is very friendly for both congress organisers and participants and it offers a more personal congress experience.+ Of all the Polish cities Krakow is the one with the greatest soul and is the one most fraught with history. Being the main tourist city it has excellent conditions in place for the development of congress tourism and with the construction of the new convention centre it has also received a real affirmation of this. In Poland Krakow will be the destination of the new generation, which will soon be recognised as a high quality, compact and most versatile meetings destination due to the cultural heritage, new meetings capacities and because of its huge scientific potential. The activities of the Convention Bureau are a good indicator of what the destination is capable of and what expectations it can meet. Krakow’s recipe is successful and a case of good practice for other, more traditional central European destinations.
Bratislava meetings flashpoints:Krakow meetings flashpoints:
1. Falkensteiner Hotel Bratislava – a stylish venue with modern meeting facilities.1. ICE Kraków Congress Centre – brand new Congress centre with a view of the Wawel.
2. Hotel Sheraton Bratislava – the first Starwood hotel in Bratislava with 700 m2 of flexible conference space.2. Krakow Opera – modern building opened in 2008 with three halls, the largest one for 760 people.
3. Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel – directly in the heart of the city, an ideal place for corporate meetings.3. Folwark Zalesie – a large conference complex on a hill, 25km from the centre of Krakow.
4. Incheba Expo Bratislava – the area of more than 165,000 m2 contains interior space, large outdoor areas and 2,500 parking spaces.4. Wielliczka Salt Mine – event chambers located over 100m deep in the mine can host from 40 to 600 people.
5. Reduta - Slovak Philharmonic – built under the reign of Maria Theresa, it quickly became a gem representative of Slovakia that is also used for ceremonial banquets and memorable events.5. Under the wings – the Muzeum Lotnictwa Polskiego offers its new building and hangars for 100 to 900 people.
STAY: Kempinski hotel RiverparkSTAY: Radisson Blu Hotel Krakow
FINAL MARK: 4.27/5FINAL MARK: 4.19/5

Bratislava: FINAL MARK; 4.27/5

Krakow: FINAL MARK; 4.19/5


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