Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik
Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik

Hotel Kompas in Dubrovnik was officially opened on September 15th and presented to the partners and the public.

With the investment of the company Adriatic Luxury Hotels worth 103.9 million Kuna, which included thorough changes in the hotel, was created a modern four-star hotel that has 173 accommodation units; rooms and suites with elegant décor and unique details, designed by the leading Croatian designers.

Facilities include a conference room with daylight and excellent technical equipment, which can accommodate up to 400 people, a brand new wellness and spa center with indoor and outdoor swimming pool which offers a wide range of spa services and Zenith Bar which is located in the top floor of the hotel with beautiful views on Lapad and Elaphiti Islands.


The author of the project is architect Zoran Balog, whose concept was to transpose very demanding physical and functional parameters of the hotel into a compact and attractive architectural composition with the primary orientation towards the sea and the promenade.

The contact with the outside area has been made over the glazed terraces which arrhythmic structure neutralize the uniform distribution of units on the façade and emphasizes the individual character of the building as a whole. Formal architectural expression is minimalistic which was the basis for the interior concept that is completely connected to the architecture of the space.

New exterior character of the hotel was enlivened with the interior signed by the Studio Franić Šekoranja whose basic concept was to create airy, light space surrounded by sea.

Simple design and striking pieces from famous Croatian designers, meet the areas of reception, lobby and bar which are connected by terraces, rooms and corridors, making it a complete experience of comfortable hotel. In the hotel stand out pieces of designer studio Grupa, such as the lighting in the rooms or chairs and copyrighted work of Saša Šekoranja which on large, white surfaces included mural bring stylized drawings of indigenous plants, while in the room dominates oversized canvases. The desire of designers was to bring nature into the space is visible in all areas of the hotel, from colors and décor in public spaces to the drawing that illustrates flowers and herbs.

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