We asked the organizers of team buildings activities, how to get the most out of an incentive program. These are the answers we got:

Maya team
Incentive or motivational events are firstly a reward for teams within the company or individuals who manage successful projects and are at the same time role models for other teams and employees. When choosing the right organizer a client can boost morale and loyalty of its most valued employees, which will ensure a stable future for the company and long term improvement in quality, which is a key element in customer and partner satisfaction. Such programs are aimed at companies and corporations well aware of the importance of their employees and the value of their commitment and knowledge.

The Maya team is well aware incentives should not be solely a reward, but an encouragement of innovativeness and loyalty. Therefore, our incentive programs comprise of education, natural and cultural heritage, sports and gastronomy, typical for the chosen location. We want to achieve a level of motivation for future work in form of team work, which is fun and relaxing, with interesting and different programs. With the emphasis on communication, trust and organizing the teams all of our programs have an added value and ensure our customers keep returning every year.

An incentive meeting is not merely a business transaction – it is expression,  creativity, physical dynamics. Each event is planned with a specific story in mind, which increases memorability. Our programs are ‘built on the belief that creativity pays’, that is why we accentuate the development of ideas and strengthen the level of new experience.

A well prepared motivational program does not cost much more than a poorly planned one. Yet the end effect of a good program is motivation, zeal, drive, happiness and surprise. These are the consequences we “bend over backwards” to achieve. What we provide are answers to questions of making an efficient, dynamic and thrilling program. A happy and motivated participant is the highest guarantee of our success.

At Lifetrek Events we keep in touch with global trends so we are able to provide fresh scenarios and develop unique stories. And a little secret at the end: though we think and feel throughout the whole course of the program, the actual effects can be seen after the end

KOREN SPORTS d.o.o. – Humanfish Holidays
Experience the emotion, team spirit, motivation, informal communication – all of these are factors we take into account when organizing top level outdoor events. Koren Sports organizes professionally led outdoor events, full of pure energy, emotion and once in a lifetime experiences, for companies aware of the importance of motivating employees, partners and clients. All of the above will increase recognisability and reputation of the company and informally connect all of the participants. What we are left with in the end is pure satisfaction which leads to new dimensions of cooperation.

Rina travel & Events
The first and the most important step is to, through dialog and advice from our side, decide on one or a few possible destinations. That makes the next step a lot easier, and that is finding the adequate DMC. The best thing you can do is to let the agency know everything about the group; what kind of event is it, your wishes and expectations and as much details as possible. If you are satisfied with your choice of DMC leave it to them to create the best possible solution there is.

It is smart to give information on the budget, for that is the way we as a professional can recommend the best value for money. That way you avoid offers that are not in the expected price range. It is important to trust the experience of an agency like Rina Travel & Events: over 800 incentive programs tailored and preformed.  We know how to create memorable experiences and a successful incentive that will benefit the group and the corporation.

Teambuilding Academy
If you want the incentive program to have the biggest possible effect on the participants they should not only see some attractions, but try them out. Our company carries out over 100 different programs; most of them are still further adapted to the needs of the clients. This is exactly what every organization should take into account when deciding to carry out a team building or incentive program – that the program is tailor-made.

We feel incentive programs are most effective when they intertwine with the local surroundings – be it history, geography, ethnology, ecology or local legends. This is what adds a new level to the programs. The clients should ask for advice which programs to choose to meet their needs and which locations will be most appropriate to carry it out. This can include a simple theme bike tour through Slovenian Istria or an extreme alpine venture into the Alps. You can choose a romantic experience on ferries in Prekmurje or a wild caving adventure in Notranjska. Maybe a technological treasure hunt with GSM phones in Ljubljana is more appropriate, or an Eco program in Bled. There should be no limits regarding content and location even if we have to go across the borders of Slovenia. Such programs can entertain from 10 to 1000 participants.

You should not only ask for the execution of the program from you team building agency, you should also request advice and guidance in preparing a program, entangled in the local environment and carried out by certified professionals.

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