Mavrovo Maximum Adventure was a team building amateur sports event in Mavrovo, Macedonia organized by Exploring Macedonia for companies. More than 15 companies, with 50 teams and over 260 participants were involved in the two day programme from 5-7 June that included sport competitions, outdoor games and music performances.

The event was developed to boost team building activities and promote networking between different companies. Many leading Macedonian companies took part in the second Mavrovo Maximum Adventure with some being involved with more than one team.

Most of the teams were accommodated in nearby hotels in Mavrovo such as Bistra, Makpetrol, Sport, Lodge, Alpina and Srna encouraging more intensive engagement and contacts among participants. The concept of the two-day programme was to provide adventure activities with moderate difficulty combined with games where teams have to work together. The programme was divided in 2 categories: Sport Challenge and Adventure Games. The sport activities were organized in partnership with professional athletes and sporting associations and included different disciplines: kayaking, jet-ski, archery, shooting, darts, spear throwing, cross country running and mountain biking. Adventure Games were problem solving games devised to test the resourcefulness, intelligence and agility of the teams. All activities were supervised by professional safety officers limiting the chances for accidents and personal injuries.

This event further improved the out of season offer of Mavrovo Ski Center. It brought more than 350 people in low season and helped in the promotion of Mavrovo as a throughout the year destination and an excellent destination for team buildings and meetings.

Kristina Krsteska

Kristina Krsteska, HR manager with NEXTSENSE said:
“This was a very well organized event. The concept, the accommodation and the organization, everything was at the highest level. The competitive edge and the fun we had during games made our company team gel and will certainly improve our performances as a team. Mavrovo as a team building adventure location was spot on.”

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