Hotel Park
Hotel Park terrace as an inspirational office

[pullquote]Bled is a green destination situated near the entrance to Triglav National Park, which makes it an incentive itself. Bled Island on the lake, the Castle and the majestic Alps that surround it are a sight that excites the imagination and stimulates thinking outside of the box. [/pullquote]At Sava Hoteli Bled, they recognise the wealth of nature and the environment around hotels, so they always recommend to event organisers to hold their meetings outdoors, on hotel terraces, which they transform into open-air conference rooms, to make their own lunch in the forest glamping village, and to enjoy dinner under the stars on the lake beach.

They use the Hotel Park terrace as an inspirational office– from the 6th floor, new clients can take in the view of the entire destination – and an environment that stimulates us to face the challenges or come up with new, creative marketing solutions. The location has also witnessed the signing of few contracts for the future congresses together with green smoothie toasts.

Flexibility and creativity are the keys to success, making all the difference between an expected, standard event and an extraordinary, unforgettable experience.