Taja Maček, Managing Partner, DT Slovenia
Taja Maček, Managing Partner, DT Slovenia

Q: What are you most proud of in your business and private lives?
At the moment I’m most proud to keep the family tradition alive which I learned from my father, who is very passionate in the hospitality business. Working closely with the family on daily basis brings to light my personal art education into the products with creativity delivered to our clients.

Q: Life wisdom/motto?
Wabi – Sabi

Q: Where are you going to spend this year’s holiday?
We haven’t been able to discuss it yet at home, but if time permits I would not mind jumping to South America for a short visit.

Q: What was your favorite vacation?
Each vacation is an experience for its own. Basically I like to actively explore the destinations through food, cultural heritage and activities. Winter skiing vacations in Whistler were very nice as well as my first camping trip last year. I have very good memories from cruise vacations we took last year.

Q: Where would you go if there were no time and financial constraints?
I would embark on a journey with my long time boyfriend around the world with a ship and disembark and embark back again every time I would find a nice place to spend more time.

Q: What is your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?
Spinning and kickboxing for indoors, alpine skiing and swimming for outdoor activities.

Q: What is your favorite dish and restaurant (anywhere in the world)?
All Seafood, but I still remember the exquisite taste of sea urchins in Palermo in cozy Italian restaurant.

Q: What is your favorite gadget?
I often ask myself how it would be if we would not have all the gadgets we have at disposal now. But I appreciate the cooking appliances that make the recipes easier to create and to offer to my family and friends.

Q: Which song do you most often play on your iPod?
Lately I’m listening to smooth jazz and bossanova.
Q: Which part of the day and of the week is your favorite?
I like Fridays and Saturdays, usually I’m happy the week is going to an end, but at the same time is not ending yet.

Q: What is your favorite mode of transport?
I have never given a thought to it, but I would say that I spent my college years using the bus, university years traveling by train, for business trips overseas by plane, vacations by boat and for everyday I use the car, bike or simply by foot. Pretty much I find useful all of them.

Q: If you could return to the past or hurry to the future, how old would you like to be? Why?
I would travel back in time to meet Marcel Duchamp and try to talk over his artistic career and the conceptual art ideas. Regarding the age, I think it is defining the person; each period should be lived at its fullest.

Q: If you could witness any event in history which one would you choose?
I would like to join the expedition to the moon.

Q: What was the best party you have attended?
It was last year in Fort Lauderdale for Halloween. The Lürssen Yachts party, the theme was ‘Hollywood’.

Q: The last film, book, concert?
Recently I bought a book about the history of coffee. The last movie I watched was ‘Suite Francaise’. Last concert, actually I haven’t been to one in a long time.

Q: What fantasy character would you be?
I would choose Hermione from Harry Potter saga.

Q: What did you learn last week?
That life is a never-ending transformation.

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